Sprenger Slimline Boot Protect Spurs - Flat Neck

Sprenger Slimline Boot Protect Spurs - Flat Neck

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Sprenger's Slimline Boot Protect spurs are made of high-quality stainless steel. 

Sprenger Spurs are the result of a close partnership between Herm Sprenger and Klaus Balkenhol, trainer of the US Dressage Team.

The innovative design of the Balkenhol fastening features a unique strap loop with an outwardly flared center bar to allow the spur strap to pass the boot on the inside - for a comfortable and secure fit without pinching or slipping.

  • The unique fit and design of the Ultra Fit Spur eliminates pressure and movement thus providing correct spur position
  • Rubber covering on the inside of the spur provides invisible no-slip grip and protects the leather of your boot
  • Elegant & Refined - Slimmer compared to a conventional spur 
  • Made in Germany

Available in the following:

  • Neck End
    • Ball
  • Neck Size
    • 20mm