Haas x Annica Hansen Lino Mane Brush

Haas x Annica Hansen Lino Mane Brush

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Annica Hansen is a German TV presenter, model, and equestrian influencer, and this is her collab collection with Haas.

The 3cm long and highly flexible synthetic bristles enter the coat during the grooming motions and set off a slight static charge, herby attracting dirt, sand, and dust particles. These are then easily flicked away.

The bristles are incorporated in the waterproof resin back without any tack or staples.

It can easily be cleaned in light soapy water without changing shape or losing bristles.

  • Slight static charge helps remove the finest dust particles
  • Excellent Bristle Retention
  • Waterproof Resin Back
  • Easy to clean
  • Medium stiffness bristles

All Haas Brushes are Made in Germany. 

All Haas brushes are printed with The Tackshop's logo.