Fleck Feldmann Classic Dressage Whip

Fleck Feldmann Classic Dressage Whip

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Part of Fleck's Classic Collection, this dressage whip features:
  • Woven Nylon cover
  • Special wooden, balance-handles

The design is modelled on methods used for decades by the well-known professional rider and trainer Walter Feldmann.

The grip position is clearly indicated by the specially divided handle, which puts the hand in the correct position.

This means that the whip is always perfectly balanced and sits securely in the hand, whether it is used for riding or in-hand work.

The end result is natural, relaxed riding and accurate whip handling for beginners and professionals alike.

Available in the following: 


    • 100cm
    • 110cm
    • 120cm
    • 130cm

    ***Please Note: 
    Due to their fragile nature, all whips cannot be shipped locally or internationally.