Effol Hoof Oil Gel

Effol Hoof Oil Gel

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All the benefits of Effol's Hoof Oil formulation, without the mess! 
The gel is easy to use like an oil but it won’t drip.

Effol Hoof-Oil-Gel is 100 % made of natural ingredients and at 94% made of renewable raw materials. It contains no microplastics, no vaseline and no parabens.

Lanolin and laurel oil promotes elasticity of the hoof horn and makes even soft hooves resilient again. Thymol has a calming effect on the worn or damaged hoof.

Effol Hoof Oil is absorbed particularly quickly, is dirt-repellent and gives the hoof a brilliant shine. A special brush included in the tin makes the Hoof Oil economical to use and avoids any mess. 

Apply hoof care products from the coronet downwards.
Massaging the product into the hoof will improve its effectiveness.

Available in the following sizes: 

  • 475ml tin, inclusive of brush