The Equine Edge - Calmer Powder

The Equine Edge - Calmer Powder

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Perfect for any horse experiencing Stress or Anxiety 

Calmer Powder can be mixed with your horse's regular hard feed, to build up a general sense of calm and relaxation.

Perfect for those upcoming events that could alter the performance or state of mind within your horse. 

May be used for a variety of situations that may cause your horse additional stress, anxiety or fear.

  • Loading
  • Clipping
  • Settling into a new yard
  • Inside the show ring.

With high-quality ingredients, Calmer Powder is safe to use for extended periods of time without suffering from any withdrawals.

    Keeping your horse calm, relaxed, and focused without affecting their ability to compete.

    How does Calming Powder work?

    • Using the amino acid L-Tyrosine, the natural production of serotonin is prompted in the body.
    • Used daily, these effects build up in the horse's system after 3 to 4 days, giving an overall sense of relaxation to your previously stressed, agitated, or highly strung horse.

    Feeding Instructions

    • Administer 2 level scoops once per day in your horse's regular hard feed for the first 3 days of use. Continue daily administering with 1 level scoop per day thereafter.

    Please note that every horse is different, and will metabolize at different rates, along with differing pre-existing levels of serotonin. This means that some horses will present effects much sooner than others.

    Soy Flour, Flax Meal, L-Tyrosine, Peppermint Leaf, Iron Fumarate, Himalayan Salt, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zeolite, Turmeric, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin B3,

    Rich in high-quality protein and an excellent source of iron, calcium, and B-vitamins. Besides having a multitude of other benefits, Soy Flour provides the protein necessary to strengthen the muscles and tendons around the body’s joints

    Nutritional Analysis:
    Total Oil - 33.80%
    Sodium - 0.85%
    Crude Protein - 33.80%
    Crude Fiber - 7.80%
    Crude Ash - 5.40%

    This bag contains 30 servings

    All Equine Edge Products are certified to the following standards: 
    We are approved under the BETA-NOPS scheme and regularly tested to ensure our products do not contain Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances.