Husse Salmon Oil

Husse Salmon Oil

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Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which improves the quality of skin and fur.

Produced from fresh salmon in Norway.

Natural flavour enhancer - mix Laxolja with the feed to stimulate your pet's appetite, even the pickiest pets will gladly enjoy their food.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • have wide-ranging positive effects on the health of dogs, cats and horses. Fatty acids are of vital importance for optimal development, maintenance and function of a lot of tissues and organs:

Benefits for Dogs

  • Contributes to the brain development of puppies, strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, boosts heart health, improve skin and coat health, may also improve cognitive function in older dogs.

Benefits for Cats

  • Contributes to healthier skin especially in cats with sensitive skin, promotes healthy and shiny coat by strengthening hairs and reduces shedding, boosts the immune system, improve your cat’s range of motion as well as boost his energy.

Benefits for Horses

  • Contributes to strong hooves, shiny and healthy coat, supports healthy skin by helping it to develop resilience against irritations and allergies, maintains joint health through the maintenance and building of bone strength and density, enhancing and building immune system resilience and response, enhance and increase tissue elasticity.

Premium Quality 

  • Using only human grade raw materials.

  • Salmon is always kept in a continuous cold chain. The lead time from when the whole fish is cut, to finished high quality oil is less than 24 hours. Production is done under strict control and gives the salmon oil full traceability back to the farms.

  •  Chemical and additive free product - it contains only fresh salmon oil. The oil is extracted by a patented mild process, no preservatives are used during the production or bottling and there are no technical nor chemical cleaning processes that could affect product quality or function.