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Donna Lucia

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Donna Lucia is a bay German Sporthorse (D‘Inzeo I x Calando), around 167cm, 6 years old (born 2015). 

Located in Germany 🇩🇪


  • 20,000 Euros - Negotiable

If interested please contact Sportpferde Hippe:

  • Patrick Hippe

A state premium mare (2019) with good Scores (Free jumping 9.0) and has had one foal.

Donna Lucia has just restarted under the saddle (after her foal break) 6 months ago and is progressing well. 
Video is from early August 2021. 

She can jump already a full 80/90cm course and has a lot more potential.
She’s still young and green, so she needs direction and further training. Due to her age and trainings level she would be best for an experienced rider or a experienced amateur rider with help from a trainer.

She’s a well behaved horse with a lovely character, but due to her age will need a confident person. 

Donna Lucia was bought by her current owner with a clear Vet Check (including X-Rays) and was never sick or injured. She has just had a dental check up and passed a fresh vet-check.

An all round healthy and fit horse, ready to learn and grow together with her new owner.