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Cwept is a grey Westphalian gelding around 166 cm height, 12 years old (born 2009) - a jump schoolmaster who will impart confidence to his rider. 

Located in Germany 🇩🇪


  • 45,000 Euros - Negotiable

If interested please contact Sportpferde Hippe:

  • Patrick Hippe

A relaxed horse with a lovely character.
He’s easy to handle, even in new environments, on hacks, at the farrier,
He is also easy to load (familiar with trailer and trucks), used to waiting in between classes at competitions), and easy to lunge.

He has won S* (1.40 m), several other classes and many placings.

In 2020 he entered jump shows with a prelim dressage rider, jumping up to 1,05m.

Despite Covid and the cancellation of competitions he has been in constant work and training. With the resumption of competitions he has competed and won ribbons/placings.

Whether at a show with a professional rider, amateur or a beginner, Cwept will strive for his rider and does not refuse even if the distance or the angle is incorrect.

He is easy to handle in the course. Forward but not hot.
He is good in doing sharp turns, knows water jumps and is chilled in every situation on the show grounds.

Cwept is sound with a clean bill of health (including X-Rays) and was never sick or injured. He was and is in constant training and has been going regularly to competitions.

An all round healthy and fit horse, ready to enter the show ring with his new owner